Mini Importation With ease (Must Read)

“A simple way to make money with MINI IMPORTATION even if you are not interested”
When people are digging for golds don’t sell gold to them sell shovels to gold diggers in a gold
This will be a SHORT TRAINING on how you can make money with ECOM even if you are not in it
If you are willing to start drop shipping or get in to Ecom Business and you have a lack of funds
this will be really helpful to you to Get the required skills
Make some cool money and may be eventually get in to it
A lot of people exist that have no idea of how to get in to Ecom Business (through mini

You can position yourself to make money with the ideaI am about to share with you.

And if you do it right you should make at least 100k doing this.
Yes, at least N100,000.

But these money will not jump in to your account by miracle.
I don’t teach people to make money by miracle.
I teach the PROCESS.
If you don’t follow the PROCESS you got no money to make.
This business is not for lazy people.

Information is the new currency globally
And people pay heavily to get structured info
Here is a blue print to get your hands to WORK and make some money before the end of Q12020
Yes my focus in doing this is to show you this so that you can key in to the opportunity before go on New Year Holiday which will last ONE WHOLE month from January 25th.
But if you are going to trade with you don’t have to worry.

Hope you are still interested in knowing more?

Hot Products That Sell Fast

When we say “HOT” it simply means product that ain’t common in your own Location.
This are product that you search
our, purchase and you are like the first person to sell in your country
market (location)

Suggested hot product include

1 Health products 90% want to look sexy and feel healthy :
slimming belt,slimming patch,
sex enhancing cream or patch, yo ni pearl etc.

2 Car gadget : car tracker, fuel saver oil guage, scratch remover, night driving glasses.

3 Beauty products: eye lashes, nail polish, hair curler, shoes, bag, dress, make up kit etc.

4 Smoke detector, gas guage, mosquito repellent, sewing kit etc.

Smoke detector, gas guage, mosquito repellent,sewing kit etc
There are 100 001 good product that sell fast all needed is you search the mout on the ecom website


One of my students made a whole for tune with” mosquito repellant cream”. At first he
bought 100 units and with in a week he said all.

His price was far cheaper than the common insecticide. So people gladly bought it.
He took it to people that needed it.
He went to a public primary school, spoken to the HM, gave hier a free sample to use so as to
test if his claim way genuine.
Following day, the HM was full of praise and allowed him to market to the teachers in that
school, at right there he sold 22 units.

He took it to more schools andr epeated the same method, and made sales.
Today he order nothing else but the” mosquito repellant cream”.
That’s what brings money to him weekly.
For more information and right tools to achieve all listed benefits.

Call or whatsapp 08032718577.

Remember You are accountable for both your success and failure in life.


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