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The time ahead, these moments are yet still to be experienced. The future is what will happen in the time after the present. Its arrival is considered inevitable due to the existence of time and the law of physics.
Here is an Essay or should I say a piece of writing about FUTURE “A TOMORROW”.

Many may say but I say; why keep on saying the future is tomorrow? I believe we are living in the future already because today as we live, someone once said by this day, I wish to have accomplished such, which the person was thinking of her future which is our today.
In contrary, our forefathers lived in the past, so we are their future. A question arises:

“Are we the bright future or the regretful mistakes of theirs?”
but then again, we are also living in our very own future. We were not born today, no that is a lie, this is the year 2019 and some of us were born in the year 1995 or 1996, who cares? By then, 2019 was referred to as the future; hence I say we are living in our own future. Here are the few facts about THE FUTURE:
The future should not be dreamt but rather concentrate the mind on the present moment. Remember after all, it depends on what we do today.
Alice Walker once said

“Look closely at the present you are constructing. It should look like the future you are hoping for”.

Writing this remind me of my favourite quote of all times by Malcom X who once said, “Education is the passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”

Education being the passport. Wait, let’s talk about this next time we talk using my pen and paper. I guess that will be in the future then but definitely not today. I sincerely apologies for any inconvenience, but hey, life those not always favour what we want. The future always comes soon enough so, NO! I never worry about it, not even once but in that case, I do prepare for it.
The future is not programmed. We can only think about what the future will be like. On a personal view about the future, I feel the future is more frightening and scary than it may excite anyone in this world we live in. I do not think there is comfort in the future. This is all because I strongly believe that the heritages we leave behind are too heavy for our next generation in the future to face. So, it is a matter of asking whether the future generation will laugh or cry at our stupidity.
Every time I think back and enlarge my vision out on the fields of my homeland, only one dream in my mind arises:

“Could the world please change for better or go back to the ways of our forefathers, the way that brought happiness?”

“There is no future in dwelling past nut there might be a secret weapon to abide by the future”.

In conclusion, James Walker says and I quotes,

“The Past is an old arm-chair in the attic, the present is an ominous ticking sound and the future is anybody guess”.

    Written By Oluwaseyi

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